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HONTOP Decoration - PE Foam Wall Sticker

Self-adhesive Wall Stickers Are Easy To Install, Waterproof and Easy To Care For, Making Them Ideal For Quick Installation of Wall Decoration Applications.


Self-adhesive foam wall stickers are also known as foam wallpaper, foam wall decals or foam wall art. They have no odor, are safe to use and do no harm to the human body. They won't absorb moisture, which prevents them from peeling or yellowing due to moisture. Simply wipe the surface of the wall decal with a damp paper towel to remove traces of paint, crayon, or markers, so you don't have to worry about stains. Easy to clean, walls always look new. The waterproof wall stickers have extremely high adhesion, so there are no need to worry about falling off. We choose high-quality adhesive-backed paper that removes easily and smoothly without leaving your hands covered in glue. This wallpaper will allow you to redecorate your house in a more economical, environmentally friendly way and is very easy to use.


HONTOP provides you with various foam wallpaper stickers, the most popular of which are foam 3D wall stickers and foam wallpaper sticker rolls. These wall stickers are impact-resistant to keep your family safe and enhance the soundproofing of your room. You can freely cut and collage according to your actual needs.



Product Category


  • 3D BrickSeries Foam Wall Sticker
  • 3D Cartoon Series Foam Wall Sticker
  • 3D Flower Series Foam Wall Sticker
  • 3D Stone Series Foam Wall Sticker
  • 3D Wood Series Foam Wall Sticker
  • Foam Wall Sticker Roll


Product Advantages

  • Waterproof
  • Flame Retardant
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Install
  • Moisture-proof
  • Durability
  • Soundproof
  • Heat Insulation
  • Anti-collision
  • Easy to Clean
  • Non-toxic
  • Eco-friendly


Product Application


Modern 3D stone wall stickers with European decor style designed brick wallpaper for walls looks incredibly realistic when it is put on your wall, which will create a modern and simple style for your home. 3D stereoscopic wall pastes have a certain degree of hardness and flexibility, with insulation, waterproof, aging resistance and other characteristics. They are very easy to paste and remove, and can easy to cut DIY the shape according to your room area.
PE Foam Wall Sticker is a kind of three-dimensional decoration material, child anti-collision, safety and environmental protection, non-toxic and odor-free,suitable for family safe home space. Natural brick pattern effect, simple and modern style, easy self-adhesive design, random installation collage, arbitrary cutting. Better noise reduction than wallpaper. It can easily adhere to any wall with dirt, dust, stains and water stains.
PE Foam Wall Sticker has excellent thermal insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof, soft and light weight, low temperature resistance, anti-aging, energy saving and environmental protection and convenient construction properties,improve the comfort of housing and housing life.PE Foam Wall Sticker has the effect of buffering, shock absorption and shock resistance, and can also be compounded with a layer of film on the surface to improve its tensile and tear resistance.
Foam wallpaper with high-quality XPE foam material as base material, each product through many processes, with excellent visual effect, fashion light and firmly attached. A combination of stereoscopic and flat wall stickers, add the creativity of freedom, space will appear to be more flexible and dynamic, give space more spirituality. Give your walls and backdrops a stunning visual impact.



  • What is PE foam wallpaper?

    PE Foam wallpaper is a self-adhesive foam wallpaper used to decorate the interior of buildings. It is made from a soft, spongy material called polyethylene foam.

  • What is PE foam brick wallpaper?

    PE foam brick wall sticker is a classic 3D self-adhesive wallpaper. This 3D foam brick wallpaper can be applied in various scenarios to bring a modern art style to your interior.

  • What are the advantages of foam wall stickers over traditional wallpapers?

    Foam wall stickers are thicker, softer and more textured than regular wallpaper. Its anti-fouling and waterproof performance is unmatched by traditional wallpaper, and its surface can be wiped clean directly with a wet towel.

  • Are wall sticker rolls useful?

    Peel and stick wall stickers mean installation is quick and easy. Our wallpaper sticker rolls can be cut to fit your walls during installation, make them extremely easy to use.

  • How long does 3D PE foam wallpaper last?

    The service life of wallpaper foam sheets can generally reach 5-15 years.