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HONTOP Decoration - PS Moulding

PS Foam Moulding Products Are Lightweight and Durable, and The Exquisite Appearance Bring You Luxurious Visual Enjoyment.


Polystyrene moulding products are made from lightweight recycled polystyrene (PS) material and are guaranteed to resist inadvertent minor damage and protect walls suspended ceilings from wear or dirt. Their installation is very simple and trouble-free. This molded product has some interesting properties that are different from similar products, such as no mold, no rot, insect and termite proof, waterproof, can be used in humid environments such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc. Styrofoam molding can also be used to hide or minimize joints between cables, wallpaper and walls. That's why they've quickly become one of the most popular modern decorative materials.


HONTOP offers a variety of PS foam moulding products suitable for your needs, including lightweight cove, cornice, baseboard, frame, etc. We are passionate about developing new innovative products so that we can continue to offer you the widest range of original models.



Product Category


  • Polystyrene Cornice
  • Polystyrene Frame Moulding
  • Polystyrene Baseboard Moulding
  • Polystyrene Ceiling Medallion
  • Polystyrene Trim Moulding


Product Advantages

  • Waterproof
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Light Weight
  • Moisture-proof
  • Eco-friendly
  • Wear Resistant
  • Easy to Install
  • Moth-proof
  • Termite Resistant
  • Non-toxic


Product Application


Polystyrene cornice covers the lines where the walls of the room meet the ceiling. Polystyrene has excellent thermal insulation properties, is durable and highly resistant to damage. In addition, it is flexible, which prevents it from breaking at the slightest impact. It is also resistant to damage caused by household pests, which allows it to be used continuously for years. Polystyrene cornice comes in a variety of designs and styles, so there is always one to suit any type of interior composition - from traditional to modern.
PS ceiling medallion is a decorative element that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. Our PS ceiling medallions come in various shapes, sizes, colors and styles to suit different tastes and interior design themes. They often feature intricate details and ornate patterns that enhance the visual appeal of the ceiling and create a focal point in the room.When paired with a chandelier or pendant light, they not only provide structural support but also frame the fixture in a way that accentuates its charm.
Polystyrene moulding is one of the most durable options for art painting frames. This type of moulding is an effective alternative to wood picture frame mouldings. They cannot be splintered, warped, or twisted like wood moulding. Polystyrene frame mouldings are affordable and blend in with various types of wood grains and trimming styles. At HONTOP you can find molds that meet the needs of your project and create a beautiful frame to keep your art painting safe.
An elegant way to protect your walls, this line of baseboard mouldings from offers visual continuity and ornate baseboard trim. It makes the baseboard trims resistant to everyday impacts from vacuums, furniture movement, and regular foot traffic. It also makes baseboard mouldings impervious to moisture, and cleaning is quick and effortless. These baseboard moldings are perfect for your latest home renovation or new construction.



  • What is polystyrene cornice?

    Cornices are the narrow moldings you see capping the lines where the walls of a room meet the ceiling. PS cornice moulding products can replace cornice products made of wood, plaster, paper-covered plaster and polyurethane.

  • Which is better, polystyrene coving or plaster coving?

    PS coving moulding products are a more lighter coving material, but it's also quite soft and delicate. Polystyrene is easier to handle and use than plaster, and is more absorbent.

  • Is polystyrene baseboard durable?

    Polystyrene baseboard moulding products are moisture-proof, mildew-proof, and will not be damaged by termites. Therefore, They are very durable and an ideal solution for kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Is polystyrene picture frame moulding obsolete?

    PS frame moulding is timeless and will never go out of style. It is displayed on the walls in many models and types.

  • Can polystyrene trim be glued?

    Polystyrene is very lightweight, so you can use carpenter's glue to glue the PS trim moulding where you want it to be installed.