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HONTOP Decoration - PU Stone Panel

Polyurethane Stone Panel is Lightweight, Environmentally Friendly and Durable. It Has Won Wide Recognition in The Market For Its Beautiful Appearance and Convenient Installation and Low Cost.


Polyurethane faux stone panels are an ideal alternative to traditional wall decorative materials. Material collision has always been the visual sensory impact effect that designers pursue. Classic examples of natural stone veneers abound, but most people choose to stay away from them. After all, issues such as raw materials, costs, transportation, and construction are all difficult to solve. For this reason, faux stone panels were born, and quickly attracted the attention and recognition of architectural designers and architecture enthusiasts in a short period of time. Among them, Polyurethane stone wall panel is the most prominent.


HONTOP provides you with various Polyurethane stone panels to meet the needs of various projects. These include: great wall stone, tile board, flowing water stone, etc. in our traditional concept. In addition, there have more distinctive concrete cement board, mushroom stone. All PU stone panels can be easily installed independently.



Product Category


  • PU Mushroom Stone Panel
  • PU Stone Veneer Panel
  • PU 3D Stone Panel
  • PU Component
  • PU Vertical Tile
  • PU Stack Stone Panel
  • PU Brick Panel
  • PU Faux Stone Panel


Product Advantages

  • Light Weight
  • Waterproof
  • Fireproof
  • Weather Resistant
  • Easy to Install
  • Durability
  • Moisture-proof
  • Abrasion Resistant


Product Application


The most prominent thing about faux mushroom stone panel is that the material is flexible and lightweight, which can meet different personality needs. The mushroom stone panel uses the uneven stone shape design, according to the real stone fine grinding, after special processing, the product appearance is realistic and delicate. PU stone has a long service life, saves costs, and is an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor decoration.

PU stone refers to a kind of artificial stone made of polyurethane material,it can made into stones of various shapes. It has the look and feel of natural stone, but is lighter, harder, more wear-resistant and has higher chemical resistance than natural stone. PU stone can be used for living room, The unique design and texture give the space a rustic, natural feel.

Sudoku PU stone panels weigh less than real stone, and the unique design help to give your a beautiful warm, inviting and realistic look. PU stone panels are lightweight and easy to install, providing a cost-effective way to protect and decorate your home. These panels can be easily cut with basic woodworking tools, making them ideal for any DIY project.

PU feather stone panels are a type of decorative wall paneling. They are durable, easy to clean, and can withstand weathering and other environmental factors. In the interior decoration,can flexibly use the cultured stone to manufacture different combinations of patterns to create distinctive space decoration effects.PU stone panel collocation make the wall extremely three-dimensional.

PU cultured stack stone panel is also suitable for outdoor decoration. The wall decorated with cultured stone panel,and the manufactured wall scenery can really reveal a cultural charm and natural flavor.PU stone panel style can adapt to random design, strong texture, diverse modeling, While decorating the wall, it brings a more natural and rustic visual effect.



  • What is PU stone wall panel?

    Polyurethane faux stone wall panel is a manufactured faux stone decorative product. As a fake stone wall panel, it is designed to make a realistic looking stone panel that is extremely easy to install.

  • Do faux stone PU wall panels look real?

    Faux stone wall panels are made from polyurethane and are a durable and cost-effective option. This choice is much lighter than real stone, almost indistinguishable to the naked eye, and easier to cut.

  • Do PU faux stone decorative panel last?

    Polyurethane faux stone decorative panel can be used anywhere, and with proper care and care, they will last at least as long as the home they are built on.

  • How to clean Polyurethane faux stone?

    Do not use wire brushes, acid or vinegar to clean faux Polyurethane stone finishes, and do not pressure wash or sandblast, just wipe with a rag and hose.

  • Which faux stone siding is most popular?

    There are many types of faux stone veneer panels, and the more popular models are: faux rock panel, faux stacked stone panel, faux river rock panel, faux castle rock stone panel, faux fortress rock stone panel, and other cultural stone panels.