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HONTOP Decoration - PVC Ceiling & Wall Panel

Various Styles of PVC Ceiling and Wall Panels are Light Weight and Easy to Install, Meeting the Decoration Styles of Your Various Rooms.


PVC decorative ceiling wall panels are very easy to install and maintain. Especially in damp rooms, our PVC panels are an excellent alternative to decorative cladding and waterproofing materials. PVC cladding is light weight, easy to install, waterproof, moisture-proof, moth-proof, with various surface patterns, and has good anti-pollution, flame-retardant, sound insulation, heat insulation and other properties. PVC ceiling wall panels are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, basements, garages and all other interior renovation projects.


HONTOP is a large manufacturer of PVC decorative panels in China, providing you with various types of decorative PVC panels. Our decorative panels can achieve more than 300 patterns on the panel surface through different processes, and the patterns are still being updated. You can choose the model of the panel according to your preference.



Product Category


  • Printing PVC Ceiling Panel & Wall Panel
  • Hot Stamping PVC Ceiling Panel & Wall Panel
  • Lamination PVC Ceiling Panel & Wall Panel
  • PVC Ceiling Tile
  • PVC Panel Accessory


Product Advantages

  • Beauty Appearance
  • Light & Durability
  • Easy to Install
  • Energy-saving
  • Sound Isolation
  • Insulation
  • Waterproof
  • V0 Flame Retardant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant


Product Application


One feature that makes PVC Ceilings a preferred ceiling choice is their moisture, mold and mildew resistance, so they are perfect for bathroom remodeling. Its light, rigid PVC construction makes plastic ceilings maintenance-free.
We naturally use wood as a decorative element, whether on the walls or ceilings. The wood creates a sense of warmth and comfort -- the ideal feeling for a kitchen. PVC Ceiling Panel add architectural detail, define your space with rich textures and colors.
The PVC ceiling is rich in design, turning an ordinary ceiling into an elegant work of art. Light weight PVC ceiling tiles add a touch of luxury and refresh any room -- you don't have to spend a fortune to get this custom look.
PVC Wall panels provide the highest water resistance and durability in often humid environments. Without any wood material or backing, PVC Wall Panels are versatile and can be used to build new rooms or retrofit old structures. The best part is that installation is very simple and therefore maintenance is very low.
PVC wallboard panels are carefully designed to last longer than the buildings in which they are installed. PVC is a very durable material. It has long service life and can withstand wear and tear on interior walls and ceilings in residential, commercial and agricultural applications.HONTOP offers a variety of designs for you to choose.
The living room is designed in a neutral tone with yellow for comfort and warmth. The application of PVC wall panel is just right, adding a unique atmosphere to the room. What's more, PVC wall panel is mould proof, durable, corrosion resistant, insect resistant, and is the best choice for use in living rooms, HONTOP offers a variety of designs for you to choose.



  • What is PVC ceiling panel?

    PVC plastic ceiling panels are made from a type of plastic called polyvinyl chloride. They are often used as an alternative to traditional plasterboard ceilings, as they are easier to install and maintain. PVC ceiling sheet comes in various sizes, thicknesses, and designs, so there is sure to be a style that suits your needs.

  • Is PVC panel good for ceiling?

    Our PVC Ceiling Panels are sturdy and durable. They can last for years, without major wear and tear. PVC plastic ceiling panels lend a plastic look to the space. PVC panels are not brittle and are less likely to get damaged while handling.

  • How long will the Interior PVC ceiling wall panel last?

    Indoor PVC ceiling wall panel last as long as 10~20 years. That longer lifespan means fewer cladding replacements in that 20 years, which reduces waste associated with any clean-up work.

  • Does PVC ceiling get damaged by water?

    There is no metal, iron, or corrosive substances in the PVC ceiling board, and it will not be corroded by water, and the ceiling is completely corrosion-resistant. Water will not damage the product and drains easily. PVC false ceiling panels will not expand, shrink or warp when exposed to moisture.

  • How do you keep PVC cladding panel clean?

    To clean your PVC panel cladding, all you need is a soft cloth, warm water and a gentle non-abrasive cleaner or washing up liquid.