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HONTOP Decoration - PVC Membrane Foil

PVC Foil is the Perfect Solution if You are Looking for a Durable and Eco-friendly Aesthetic Decorative Finish for Your Furniture.


PVC Foil sheet is an environmental friendly decorative finish that resists chemical attack, impact and weather conditions. PVC decorative membrane foil is also an extremely durable material and can be used to protect outdoor furniture from harmful UV rays, extending its lifespan significantly. Its use is increasing because it is not harmful to health, affordable, and has a uniform look and feel. PVC foil for furniture is normally a three layers laminated PVC foil. Base layer + printing layer + wear layer. It’s formed by very high temperature hot laminating technology. With the advanced printing technology development, PVC foil can be as lively as real wood. But its colors and patterns can vary infinitely. Nowadays, PVC foil is becoming more and more popular as a decorative film. In the furniture industry, PVC veneer furniture has gradually replaced solid wood as the most popular material for users.


HONTOP has a strong production ability. We are committed to making high standard PVC foil base layers. After that, we print wood colors or other beautiful colors on our printing layer. And hot laminate printing layer and base layer and wear layer into integrated one layer of PVC foil. Thus the final thickness of our PVC foils ranges from 0.07 mm to 0.6 mm. When you have a special requirement of a customized color or functions, you are free to come to us. Because we are an expert to produce special functions of PVC foils. Such as anti-scratch PVC foil, cold resistance PVC foil, anti-UV PVC foil, impact resistance PVC foil etc.



Product Category


  • Solid Color Series PVC Foil
  • Marble Design Series PVC Foil
  • Wooden Grain Series PVC Foil
  • 3D Synchronous Embossing Series PVC Foil
  • Wall Paper Series PVC Foil
  • Leather Series PVC Foil
  • Cloth Design Series PVC Foil
  • Bronzing Series PVC Foil
  • Pearl Series PVC Foil
  • Metal Texture Series PVC Foil
  • High Gloss PVC Foil
  • PVC Self Adhesive Foil


Product Advantages

  • Durability
  • Wear Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to Clean
  • Non-toxic
  • Flame Retardant
  • Moisture-proof
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Moth-proof
  • Abrasion Resistant


Product Application


In this sophisticated living room, marble PVC panels are a stunner in the living room. The white marbling adds a simple, atmospheric atmosphere to the living room, while retaining a livable and sometimes more flattering softness.Its advantage is to protect walls from moisture and corrosion.
PVC decoration film is a soft material that can be attached to the floor, and a variety of patterns can be selected. In this bedroom, faux wood grain flooring was installed to replicate the richly patterned look of the natural wood material, including the placement of seams between panels to achieve precise texture. Olive walls and cream elements define the style of this space.
In this kitchen, the cabinetry uses a wood grain series of PVC membrane foil, mimicking the surface of natural wood materials to create a truly convincing natural look. The rustic beauty of the wood-grain surface is paired with black to create a classic, sophisticated space.



  • What is PVC Film Foil?

    PVC foil is an adhesive facing film material used in different manufacturing industries. Specially designed for different applications like advertising, promotion, decoration, door frames, furniture veneer, also known as adhesive foil.

  • What is PVC decorative foil used for?

    PVC membrane decorative foil can also be called "PVC decorative film",it is widely used as a facing material for interior decors,floor,furniture, kitchen cabinets, doors, profiles etc.

  • What is the application of PVC foil and how to use it?

    PVC foil is widely used as a facing material that can be membraned, laminated, vacuum pressed with wood panels, MDF boards, PVC panels, profiles, steel panels etc. It’s normally processed by vacuum press machine, laminating machine, membrane machine or manual pasting.

  • What is PVC door foil?

    PVC foil for door is a type of foil applied with Vacuum Press machines. First of all, doors are placed on vacuum press machines. Then, whatever color we want, that color is laid on the PVC foil door. Vacuum press machines affix the PVC door foil on the door under high temperature and pressure.

  • What is self adhesive foil used for?

    PVC adhesive films (also: PVC self-adhesive films) are typically used for advertising on vehicles. Starting with simple adhesive lettering such as Internet addresses or telephone numbers, even complex motifs such as logos or pictures can be applied to the vehicle.