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HONTOP Decoration - PVC Siding Panel

The Lightweight and Durable PVC Exterior Siding Panels are Easy to Install and are Widely Used in Exterior Wall Decoration Projects.


Siding PVC panel is a polymer composite material used for exterior wall decoration. It has the characteristics of flame retardancy, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and long service life. It has many functions and advantages that traditional exterior wall decoration materials do not have. It is an ideal substitute for exterior wall materials such as ceramic tiles and paints. Our PVC exterior siding panel has good impact and weather resistance, and it is more easier to install. PVC composite siding overcomes the shortcomings of traditional exterior wall paint leveling and exterior wall tile lines, and has won wide acclaim in the market for its rich colors, clear and crisp lines and very modern design.


HONTOP is the pioneer of decorative materials in China, and our products are constantly innovating. Our PVC plastic siding panels will last 25+ years. There are many types for you to choose, and the colors and patterns can be customized according to your needs.



Product Category


  • American Model PVC Siding Panel
  • Dutch Lap Model PVC Siding Panel
  • Fluted Model PVC Siding Panel
  • Trilling Model PVC Siding Panel
  • Twin Model PVC Siding Panel


Product Advantages

  • Waterproof
  • Fireproof
  • Impact Resistant
  • Easy To Install
  • Durability
  • UV Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Rot proof
  • Non-toxic
  • Abrasion Resistant


Product Application


When building a private house, it is very important to choose the right exterior materials. PVC siding panel is durable, undented, easy to install, environmentally safe, and termite-resistant. Making it your choice for exterior siding. Unique design brings decoration and beauty to your home.

Quality matters when you need proper shed siding. Whether you're planning a DIY storage shed project, a brand new shed to store your vehicle in, or just an old-fashioned storage shed. HONTOP PVC siding panel is a good choice. It will be durable and resistant to moisture damage. It won't rot so bugs including termites, will stay away. With maintenance in mind, the PVC siding panel requires little maintenance.

If you want your shed to be warmer in winter, PVC siding panel can be insulated. Vinyl is also the most DIY-friendly siding. PVC siding panel is typically easier to install that compared with natural wood. PVC siding panel will be the best alternative material for exterior wall coating and ceramic tile.PVC siding panels make the building appears simple and natural and beautiful.



  • What is Vinyl Siding?

    PVC vinyl siding panel is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride); a heavy-duty co-extruded material that provides ease of maintenance, durability, and strength to the exterior of your home. The main advantages of vinyl siding are its clean look, easy maintenance, weather resistance, and customization. Building to withstand the scorching sun in summer and the snowstorms of winter, vinyl siding is the perfect choice for home exteriors.

  • What is PVC lap siding?

    PVC lap siding panels are one of many modern materials that recreate the look of natural wood siding but with greater defense. Since PVC lap siding is so new on the market, it is important to understand the pros and cons of this material and compare it to similar alternatives.

  • What are the benefits of PVC decorative siding?

    The greatest benefit of PVC decorative siding panels has always been low maintenance. It is an extremely durable and attractive finish material that will enhance the look of your home and complement any home. In addition to giving your home a new look, the very simple assembly of vinyl siding can drastically reduce the time it takes to renovate.

  • Will PVC board and batten siding fade after long-term use?

    PVC siding board is surprisingly durable in the harsh sun and extreme mountain weather. While all substances will fade, siding fade is minimal, happens very slowly and any abnormal fading is covered by the lifetime transferable warranty. Vinyl siding boards are guaranteed color stability for 20 years.

  • How do I maintain my PVC siding if it does not need to be painted?

    It's easy, you just need to clean it once in a while. Usually, the cleaning action of rainfall is enough to wash your vinyl siding fence. In those areas that are not directly exposed to rain, PVC siding should be cleaned regularly with a garden hose and fresh water. If you prefer a more thorough clean, or if heavy soiling occurs, use a soft-bristle, long-handled brush. It attaches to your garden hose, making it easier for you to wash your siding.