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HONTOP Decoration - WPC Decking Board

Strong and Durable WPC Deck Flooring is an Excellent Alternative to Other Natural Wood Floors for Outdoor Use


WPC composite decking is made of wood fiber, recycled plastic HDPE and necessary chemical additives, does not contain any harmful substances, and is completely environmentally friendly. Wood plastic composite decking is durable, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, insect-proof, and fire-resistant. Its processing performance is similar to that of logs, and it can be cut, drilled, etc., it is great for gardens, yards, patios, balconies, walkways, pool areas, flat roof areas, marinas, shopping malls, coffee shops and more. It looks and feels like natural wood, is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, so it is gradually being replaced by natural wood flooring.


HONTOP can provide traditional and second-generation co-extruded wood plastic composite decking boards. Our WPC boards are available in a variety of types, sizes and colors, including solid and hollow core boards. Furthermore, a specific 3D embossing process is provided during the production process to achieve an excellent anti-slip effect.



Product Category


  • WPC Traditional Decking Board
  • WPC Second-generation Co-Extrusion Decking Board
  • WPC Solid Decking Board
  • WPC Hollow Decking Board
  • WPC 3D Embossed Decking Board


Product Advantages

  • Easy to Process
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Weather Resistance
  • Anti-slip
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to install
  • Fireproof
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Durability
  • High stability


Product Application


Another advantage of WPC flooring over all traditional solid wood outdoor flooring is that it doesn't bend and rot. WPC flooring also improves surface anti-slip performance, even after swimming or bathing on the terrace, super anti-slip performance will make the owner feel safer.

Balconies are also the embodiment of a person's exquisite life. Balcony even inside, outside even natural, no matter from which direction, can see from the value of the balcony a person's exquisite degree. Unlike traditional wood flooring, composite wood flooring requires minimal maintenance. It can be cleaned by simple cleaning methods. Spend more time enjoying your decor after a long day at work, and spend less time maintaining it!

The color and texture of the co-extruded WPC decking is realistic and lasting, with rich variations and different shades.Therefore, co-extruded composite floor brings high practical value, ornamental value and aesthetic enjoyment to users. It is the best environment-friendly decoration material for parks, green ways, seaside resorts, waterside pavements, decks, home and outdoor facilities, etc.



  • What is WPC floor decking?

    WPC composite decking is a flooring material solution made of a unique combination of plastic and wood. The full name of WPC is Wood Plastic Composite, which consists of more than 55% recycled HDPE plastic and about 45% wood fiber and additives.

  • Is WPC decking floor easy to use outdoors?

    WPC outdoor decking is the ideal outdoor flooring solution as it lasts longer compared to traditional wooden floors. Due to the extra strength of the thermoplastic component, wood plastic composite floors are highly resistant to decay, heat and wet weather conditions.

  • What kind of floor is suitable for swimming pool?

    WPC pool deck. WPC swimming pool deck flooring has excellent waterproof and moisture-proof performance, non-slip and durable, it is the perfect choice for swimming pools and boats.

  • What is a co- extruded decking?

    The second generation co-extrusion composite decking is an upgraded version of the traditional WPC composite decking. Co-extruded WPC have a "shell" that provides extra protection from the elements and elements of everyday life. Co-extruded composite decking floors are covered with high-performance moisture-resistant polymers that resist stains, moisture and are more durable.

  • Why is WPC floor better than wooden floor?

    WPC composite flooring offers superior durability and corrosion resistance that wood cannot. Wood plastic composite flooring won't rot, warp, or chip, and they'll never need to be stained or painted to keep them looking great.

  • How to clean and maintain wood plastic floor?

    To keep your WPC floor looking great, a little maintenance and cleaning goes a long way. All exterior building materials require cleaning, and WPC decking is no exception. We recommend using a deck cleaner, a soap and water mixture, or gentle pressure washing every six months.