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WPC Wall Panel Interior

 Rich and Neat Look WPC Ceiling and Wall Panels are Great Alternative to Traditional Wood Wall Panels and Can Give a Unique Look to Your House.


WPC decorative ceiling wall panels will provide a timeless rustic warmth to your interiors. For those looking for a more decorative interior, WPC panels can provide timeless appeal. WPC material is made from a mix of recycled plastic and wood fibers, and due to the nature of the material. It is very durable and has good water, mildew resistance, better insulating properties than wood panels. It is very useful in daily life. Keep your indoor space cool in hot season and warm in cold weather.


HONTOP offers WPC decorative panels in various models and finishes for you choose. Our WPC wood panels are produced using an off-line lamination process. Therefore, the decorative film on the surface of the product is stable, durable and will not fall off.



Product Category


  • WPC Wall Panel
  • WPC Ceiling Panel
  • WPC Timber Tube


Product Advantages

  • Waterproof
  • Fireproof
  • Wear Resistant
  • Easy to Install
  • Durability
  • Easy to Clean
  • Non-toxic
  • Moisture-proof
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Moth-proof


Product Application


Solid wood color WPC ceiling panel is specially designed to enhance the beauty of office spaces. Soft brown walls and natural wood elements are create a soothing atmosphere in the office. The HONTOP WPC ceiling panel has a tubular shape and is one of the design elements that adds to the overall appearance of the room.

The space and decoration of the market hall is important. The original wood color WPC ceiling panel matches the sunlight outside the window to create a warm and bright atmosphere. The WPC ceiling panel has affinity and increases the interest of the space with the top ceiling. Durable, beautiful appearance, increase the beauty of the space. HONTOP WPC ceiling panel is your best bet.

The living room is arguably one of the most important room in the home as a place to entertain friends and relax with family. This living room is designed in a natural, rustic way.It use warm colors that complement the greenery to create a warm atmosphere for the space. The original wood color WPC wall panel enhances the appearance and feeling of the space.

The clever and attractive design of the office creates an environment for concentration and productivity. Using WPC timber tube to divide, provides privacy for employees and customers, and creates a natural, rustic feeling for the space. HONTOP WPC timber tube can create a unique visual environment, bring three-dimensional and artistic sense to the space with novel design.

This chic living room is decorated in gray tones and ample wood-colored partitions to create a peaceful, natural atmosphere. WPC timber tube is used to open up an independent space, which is full of design and adds a sense of playfulness to the space. It can save costs, beautify the space. WPC timber tube in kitchen and living room is perfectly used to enhance the flexibility and vitality of the space.



  • What is WPC fluted panel?

    Fluted WPC panel series is an engineered composite material, consisting of wood plastic composite with surface finish film lamination . This is a new indoor WPC decorative wall panel with appearance and texture of natural wood with enhanced properties to reduce the need for maintenance.

  • Is WPC good for ceiling?

    WPC ceiling panels have the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, fire-proof, corrosion-resistant, insect-proof, mildew-proof, acid and alkali resistance, non-toxic, non-polluting, etc. It is a low-cost alternative to traditional wood and aluminum ceiling.

  • What is WPC timber tube?

    WPC square tube is a fusion decoration material of hardwood fiber and polymer resin, which is used to replace traditional wooden screens. WPC hollow tube is easy to install, waterproof and termite proof, and durable enough to last a lifetime.

  • Which is better PVC panel or WPC wood plastic composite panel?

    Both offers excellent resistance to moisture and water. While WPC boards are better than the PVC boards when used in humid and damp conditions.

  • What is WPC slat panel?

    WPC wood slat panel is a beautiful wood plastic decorative panel which has high-quality acoustic properties. It can be easily applied to walls and ceilings.

  • What is WPC louver panel?

    WPC stands for wood plastic composites. These panels are used in the interior as well as the exterior of the building.